Duo Soundolier’s ‘wireless speaking lamp’

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Lamps were known for their power of illumining our rooms. But now its arena has been expanded and lamps now have been taken to greater heights to serve a gamut of purposes and be friendlier to its users. Thanks to Duo Soundolier, for it has made lamps to work as sleek, fashionable and a handy gadget.

The company claims it as the world’s first ‘wireless speaking lamp’. The Soundolier is a unique synthesization of sound and light and that too without the hassle of any wires. The Duo Soundolier can be used in various ways, such as, a single speaker or as a pair for those who would love stereo sound, although the single speaker will also be stereo. It could further be configured as a part of home theatre even. Its speakers are also enabled with signal and volume controls.

Duo Soundolier - wireless speaking lamp

This Duo Soundolier is capable of performing more wonders if the consumer is ready to shell out another $ 79.95 for a transmitter. This transmitter enable to stream sounds from iPod, CD player, DVD Player etc. to the lamps without any wires. Priced at US$279.95, this Wireless Speaker Lamp is a ‘foot controlled gadget’ and is expected to rope in good section of the customers.

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