So will you wait for lower iPhone prices ?

January 20, 2007 by techbuzz | 4 Comments
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Apple iPhoneiPhones will be available this June but the prices are quite steep. To shell out $500 for a cellphone / player is not everyone’s game. But what can we do ? We all love the cool features of the new . And over that we would need to sign up for cingular. But wait, some good news could be in the way. A recent look at iPhones revealed that would be spending only $250 for the iPhones which means that the prices are markedup atleast double. So with time .. once the initial craze is over, the iPhones price will drop. Drop down maybe by a $100 !! Nothings for sure but thats what the speculations. Also new releases of iPhones will be on the way and like iPods, older models will be available for much cheaper.

So wait and a little patience could save you some money. But again , would you like to pass on the luxury of owning an iPhone in the first month. Come June and we will see !!

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4 Comments so far

  1. iPhone Fatigue at thomas on January 23, 2007 15:35

    […] But where this gets completely ridiculous is where the technology press picks up on this and rather than call them on it, they just run with it to even more insane conclusions. Numerous publications are now predicting that Apple’s 499 and 599 price will significantly drop the price after the phone’s launch, with some predicting it will happen before the launch as a reuse to other manufacturers. So, fast forward to June and the iPhone launches at the price that Apple originally said it would and people are holding off purchases because we were told the price would drop. (Obviously Apple will EVENTUALLY lower the price of the iPhone, but I suspect it won’t be for quite some time.) […]

  2. sy on February 1, 2007 10:51

    Weel we all hope for the iphone’s price to be reduced, but hey, apple is not forcing us to buy it. If we don’t have the money, they don’t care. Anyway, it is the price of having “new cool gadgets” coz we don’t only want the gadget itself but also the fame it could bring us

  3. poeloq on February 1, 2007 20:35

    @sy: Of course Apple isn’t forcing us to buy the Apple iPhone, but don’t forget: they need us(!) to buy it. Otherwise…

  4. Lillian on June 9, 2007 15:49

    I paid $600 (plus tax) for the Cingular 8525 and $500 for the Razr, both of which are now $100 or less. But it took a while for their prices to drop so low.

    The price of the iPhone doesn’t concern me. It’s the fact that I have not seen confirmed official hands-on reviews by users. I like to go to a product’s troubeshooting forum and see what the common problems are. Plus I need to know what I’ll lose by switching from my 8525 that has MS Live maps, Slingbox and 3G.

    The iPhone LOOKS cooler, and I am a mac owner so I prefer the iPhone, but I need more facts. If like other phones, AT&T’s 30-day return policy applies, I may buy one so that I don’t lose out by not being able to get one at all.

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