Laser Chess-like Board Game Coming Soon

January 20, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Remember the time when you were quite young and you were in a science class? The teacher would give you and your friends a few mirrors to learn about light and reflection. Using this concept, there used to be an Amstrad CPCP also called the Reflector, where the player had to arrange the mirrors on a grid correctly so a laser would be able to reflect off each mirror and reach its desired destination.

Laser Chess - KhetUsing the same principle, a new game has been born. Khet is a new upcoming 8×8 board game that will be using the same laser and mirror technology, except in an unavoidable vicious chess-like battle board game. With the pyramidal units and hieroglyph-like writing on the side of the board, the setting couldn’t be better!

The point of the game is to control your randomly scattered pieces from the beginning of the game, perfectly, so that you’ll be able to reflect your laser perfectly on your opponent’s Pharaoh, while defending your own from laser attacks. Various types of pieces will also be included, including a obelisks which will offer four opaque sides along with a pyramid looking piece, as seen in the picture, that will offer one mirrored and two opaque sides, and so on.

Khet is currently accepting pre-orders, and the game will be available to the public in March at a price of $63 USD.

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