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January 20, 2007 by Static | 1 Comment
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Desktop Stress Relief Rocket Stress means very different things for different people. One thing that is for sure, is no one wants to be stressful nor do they hope to maintain their stress. Take this scenario for an instance. You’re sitting in front of your desk, looking through a report that was just handed to you. Around you, you can hear one of your colleagues tapping his pen on his desk. You hear another guy humming the same tune over and over again. Not only that, but the traffic is jammed outside right now and there are cars and buses just honking away. You’re stressed, and you can’t take it no more.

But there is a solution… Sort of. A very interesting product by the name of the “Desktop Stress Relief Rocket” was just released. As seen in the picture, you can shoot away your stress! Well… since stress is psychological, we can’t guarantee it, but CrazyAboutGadgets have still managed to produce an original product that will at least try to release some of your stress.

At a price of £5.95, we can’t say you’ll get the quality you’re probably expecting. Is it well worth the money? We can’t decide that really as that is something up to you. Personally, I’d steal my colleague’s pen, tell that other guy to shut his humming, and close the window to minimize the sound. But still, a creative product that I’d gladly accept if the price was lower…

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  1. Peter Wellington of Stress Relief Tips on December 10, 2007 13:33

    looks like great fun. I’m wondering if david brent (ricky gervais)has bought one.

    As you know David Brent was the Regional Manager based at the Slough Office of Wernham Hogg. He is a philosopher to rival Descartes, a musician to rival Texas, a dancer to rival MC Hammer – and has an acute grasp of political correctness. Yet the BBC documentary crew that filmed him at work in The Office stitched him up and portrayed him as the ‘boss from hell’. I think a stress relieving rocket is just up his street!

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