Suzuki been watching to much “Pimp my ride”?


“Pimp my Ride” is a popular MTV show shown in many countries around the world in which someones old car, normally not worth calling a car anymore the state it is in, gets “pimped” by an American car customizing company sponsored by MTV and presented by HipHop star Xzibit. Now all that may well be, you may think, but what has this got to do with gadgets?


This is a concept car that was shown by Suzuki at the Detroit Auto Show – and it looks just like something from the before mentioned TV show. It is just full of gadgets: Car turned home entertainment center. Sadly, or maybe rightfully, you will not be seeing this car available at your local car dealer too soon. Why rightfully? Well…how often do you go out with your car and feel the urge to watch a movie while parked somewhere. Projecting it on the screen on the roof might even get you into trouble unless you have a license. But exactly this is why it is a so-called “concept car”: you are most likely never going to see one ever again. It features a DVD player with integrated harddisk for storage, a THX/SDS sound system and nice looking pivoting speakers. Just the right system when your stuck out in the wilderness and really need to watch that movie you just bought 120 miles back on the road.
[via Autoblog]

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  1. I love this car! if you are looking to be stranded somewhere out of reach of civilization then this is the car I would do it in. Given most of us like our home comforts can you imagine the type of holiday you would have taking this beauty along for the ride?!


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