Sharp Introduces Dual-Screen Electronic Dictionaries

January 19, 2007 by Static | Leave a Comment
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Sharp is not only a renowned electronics company, but also are one of the top leaders in the electronic industry. Year after year, Sharp have released new electronic dictionaries with not only new information, but also with new features such as an internal MP3 player, e-books, , etc.

Sharp Papyrus PW-GT550

Recently with the model Papyrus PW-GT550, must have taken Nintendo’s DS in to consideration. The PW-GT550, as seen in the picture, adds a small second LCD touchscreen below the keypad. Sharp has noted that this addition of a writeable touchpad will allow a user to write a Chinese character that the user is unfamiliar with. Then, the system itself will comprehend what’s written and display an instant translation along with a pronunciation of the character.

Apart from the unique dual-screen feature, the PW-GT550 will also allow a user to load up the dictionary with MP3s for learning and for entertainment purposes, despite the fact that a separate SD card for file storage will be separately required.

The unit will be released in Japan later this month in pink and white versions for approximately $467 USD or 56,700 Yen. If you’re not a big fan of the touchscreen, a lite version will be available at $364 or 44,100 Yen.

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