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January 18, 2007 by poeloq | 23 Comments
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However invited gravity was having a bad day, at least in my books. That is why mankind has always dreamed of jetpacks in Sci-Fi and many other kinds of defying gravity. As a gadget lover I try to attend as many electronic trade shows as possible, but due to my previous geographic location was not possible to attend as many as I wished. So the only thing left was visiting as many stores as often as possible. Sadly, walking can get quite uncomfortable after awhile, which takes us back to the gravity problem.
“Alexander Innovation Wizard” of GadgetUniverse has now come up with what he presented at the CES: Gravity Defyer Shoes. It might not make you float or even fly, but it seems to make walking easier – and they don’t look too bad either. The reactions seemed to be quite positive:

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23 Comments so far

  1. Sharon Schnoebelen on June 5, 2007 20:16

    Defyer shoes in the “Gadget Universe” catalogue sound sooo good. Glad they will be for women soon. BUT, many of us looking for such a shoe need a DEEP TOE BED —just BECAUSE our feet ARE tender and painful.
    Anything you can do for us????
    PLEASE consider this option.

    Thank you,

  2. Susan on September 3, 2007 14:59

    I saw the ad for Gravity Defyer shoes in the SkyMall magazine. I am very interested in seeing the ladies’ line. Is it available yet? The ad stated, “Female Shoes are Finally Here!!” I would like to know how I can see the shoes for females. Please contact me with this information.

    Thank you,

  3. Marlene Todaro on September 11, 2007 03:30

    Like Susan, I saw the ad in Skymall Magazine and would like to see the women’s line. Please send me information.

  4. David Char on September 20, 2007 01:01

    the cosmetic styling not as good as the real one. the step up from the sole of the hell section make the heel part less stable laterally considering the spring effect.If flared heel is not cosmetically attractive at least should have wider heel to improve the bilateral stability. suggest adding scaphoid pads for longitudinal arch support and more evenly Wt distribution over plantar surface.

  5. Laura Snipan on October 4, 2007 04:00

    I saw the ad in Skymall Magazine too and would like to see the women’s line. Please send me information.

  6. Fall in love with the Gravity Defyer Shoes « Jared’s Bloggin’ on October 20, 2007 18:36

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  7. Steve Harrington on December 9, 2007 23:09

    I just want to know if these shoes are actually being produced or not. I have tried ordering the sport shoe version of gravity defyers and have been waiting for months.

  8. beverly tucker on January 21, 2008 23:21

    Is women’s line available.

  9. Jason Timmermans on February 13, 2008 02:52

    I received a pair of gravity defyer sport shoes and am THOROUGHLY disappointed. The shoes fell far short of the outrageous claims made by the retailer. Sure, the heel bed is comfy, but not $130 comfy. The toe is way too narrow and chafes my toes. The insole stains my socks red and black. I do not feel like a “kangaroo” or “flying” and indeed, there is no upward push that the shoes exert on the feet. The pressure valve is too small and creates a tea-kettle effect, causing the shoes to whistle with each step. In short, they are nothing but an over-priced gimmick. Furthermore, I have never seen such poor, shoddy customer service as I have seen at gadgetuniverse. Zero stars.

  10. FabianM on February 24, 2008 00:44

    I waited 35 days but this shoes are so great, why they ae not sold in stores yet?

  11. Steve on February 25, 2008 02:27

    Does anyone know where to see these in a retail store, I don’t like to buy shoes without trying them on first for looks and feel.

  12. prem singh on March 3, 2008 12:17

    I would like to know more info about anti gravitational shoes and possibility of markerting in Australia.

  13. Charles Sentell on March 20, 2008 20:32

    I just purchased a pair of Gravity Defyer shoes. I bought them from the SkyMall store. They are comfortable and look nice. However, they have a noticeable squeak when you walk. I will continue to wear them but people quickly notice that your shoes are making noise when you walk by them. If I had known that they squeak when you walk, I would not have bought them.

  14. CEOmum on March 29, 2008 05:45

    My mom purchased these for my son a week ago – the Gravy Defyer Walk Breeze Sport shoe for $120.00. He received them yesterday, wore them for the first time today and the tongue fell right out. My mom is getting on to them immediately we want out money back. Interestingly my son wanted to test the shoes to see whether they were the real thing. I will keep you posted.

  15. JOHN OLLMANN on May 21, 2008 19:43

    Hi may Name is John Ollmann can You tell me were i can buy the Gravety Defyer walking Shoe, i live in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Thank you J O.

  16. Jonny on January 22, 2010 16:39

    I have never seen a blog where even the creator cannot write correctly. He begins, “However invited gravity”. What? Did you mean, “Whoever invented” perhaps?

    David says, “the sole of the hell section” What?

    FabianM says, “this shoes are so great”. Did you get only one, or did you mean, “these shoes”?

    CEOmum says, “we want out money back” Is “out” money different than “our” money?

    John gives us his full name – twice. Well John, you already did that in your title. You must really like seeing your name in print as you also signed off with your initials.

    Four people asked about a womens’ line. Why would anyone repeat a question that has already been asked? No wonder there are no recent posts. How boring.

  17. Steve on February 8, 2010 16:32

    Not a fan of their customer service, at all. I really wanted to order their shoes, but I can’t bring myself to do it now because of how pushy they are. Please read the chat session below. Note that I got disconnected twice because I am using a new keyboard with a trackpad that caused me to navigate away from the page twice accidentally.

    Hannah Foster: Welcome to Gravity Defyer Online. My name is Hannah, your online personal shopper. How may I assist you today?
    Hannah Foster: When you are on the order process you might receive an invitation to chat with us, however since we are already connected please ignore the request by selecting the ‘No, I am okay.’ option in the invitation window.
    Customer: hannah, I got disconnected by accident again. I am fixing my keyboard to prevent this if possible
    Customer: you were checking with your supervisor about shipping charges for exchanges
    Hannah Foster: Okay no problem.
    Hannah Foster: Yes yo are right, to avoid all the problem of returning a wrong sized pair let us determine the exact size of our shoe which will fit you perfectly.
    Customer: no, that is not the question
    Customer: the question is, will I be charged for exchange shipping in either direction if the product does not fit
    Hannah Foster: I can understand that if you get a wrong sized shoes then our company will bear the shipping cost, but to avoid that situation we will determine the exact size for you.
    Hannah Foster: I will provide you free shipping to order the perfect size shoe.
    Customer: ok
    Customer: but I have a discount code
    Hannah Foster: Great! I suggest that if you wear socks or stockings, put them on before taking the measurements.
    Hannah Foster: Let me check what that code offer to you.
    Hannah Foster: If it offer more than what you will get for free shipping then we will go with your code.
    Customer: You know, Hannah, I just came on chat to ask some simple questions
    Hannah Foster: While seated, place your foot on a piece of paper on “Hard Suface” and trace around your foot as closely as possible. Repeat this with the other foot as well.
    Hannah Foster: Let us determine the exact size.
    Hannah Foster: This process will take only a few minute but it will save you a lot of effort.
    Hannah Foster: Using the ruler measure the length (heel to toe) of each foot.
    Hannah Foster: Choose the larger of the two measurements and subtract 0.5 centimeter.
    Customer: And I know this is not your fault, but I recommend you pass on to your management that I will not only not be purchasing Gravity Defyer shoes, but I will also be sharing with the world the kind of pushy sales tactics that Gravity Defyer chooses to use, rather than having the product sell itself
    Hannah Foster: Please give me this measurement .
    Hannah Foster: Please stay connected.
    Hannah Foster: We will order the perfect pair of shoes for you.
    Hannah Foster: Just give me the exact measurement that you get after following the steps that I have sent above.
    Hannah Foster: I am sure you will order another pair once you try the pair that we order today.
    Hannah Foster: Also you can take the free 30 day trail offer.
    Hannah Foster: Gravity Defyer offers you guaranteed 100% satisfaction and 30 days money back warranty. This means that after purchasing Gravity Defyer shoes, if you do not like them for any reason, you can return them within 30 days and you will get 100% product charge back.
    Customer: I have also copied the contents of this chat session and will allow the world to judge for itself whether it wants to support a company like this
    Hannah Foster: If within 30 days of ordering the shoes, you are not satisfied, you can either exchange the shoe for a different shoe or size, or you can return them for a prompt refund.
    Hannah Foster: I recommend that you order atleast one pair of shoes and judge it for yourself.
    Customer: but that’s not what I asked, is it Hannah? I just asked you to share my concern with your management
    Hannah Foster: I will surely do that on a urgent basis.
    Customer: If that’s the case, then stock the shoes in stores and I will go try them on
    Hannah Foster: Please give me some moments.
    Hannah Foster: At this moment we do not have any retail stores, the only way to order these shoes is to place an order online or call us to place the order. That is the reason all Gravity Defyer shoes come with a 30 day trial period, if for any reason you are not happy with the shoes, within 30 days of placing the order, you can either exchange the shoe for a different size or you can return the shoe for a refund.
    Hannah Foster: You don’t have to pay for anything at present.
    Hannah Foster: You can try them for free for the next 30 days and if you do not feel comfortable with them you can return them for a refund or an exchange.
    Customer: And that is exactly why other online shoe retailers recognize the need to offer its customers free shipping both ways, without the need for distracting sales tactics.
    Hannah Foster: I will offer you free shipping for this order and you can keep the discount that you have for your future purchase which I am sure you will do after you try our shoes.
    Hannah Foster: Please try these shoes for at least once. I am sure you will certainly change your opinion about our shoes.
    Hannah Foster: So shall we proceed ahead with the order process?
    Hannah Foster: So Steve have you measured your feet so that we can determine which size of our shoes will fit you perfectly?
    Customer: thank you for giving me more material to share with the world
    Hannah Foster: It is my pleasure! I again recommend that you try atleast one shoe.
    Customer: as I stated earlier, if I change my opinion about your shoes, then that means my opinion would change to a negative impression of your shoes, as my impression of your shoes is currently positive
    Customer: it is your customer service that I do not like, and for that reason, not only will I not purchase your company’s products, I will also try to ensure as many other people as possible will not either
    Hannah Foster: That’s great! I am sure yo will never get in a position of getting a negative opinion.
    Hannah Foster: So shall we order a pair today?
    Customer: So good day to you Hannah, and I hope you will share my negative feedback with your management as I requested quite some time ago during this chat
    Hannah Foster: We at Gravity Defyer have designed Dress shoes, Casual Shoes and Athletic. Which of these interests you?
    Customer: you are ridiculous
    Customer: goodbye
    Hannah Foster: Yes, I will certainly forward this matter to my supervisor at the earliest.
    Hannah Foster: I apologize if I have offended you.
    Hannah Foster: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Customer: You have indeed offended me, and you have shown me that I should never purchase your products even if they are excellent shoes
    Customer: it is a real shame, because I actually thought I might buy today
    Customer: No thank you. Goodbye
    Hannah Foster: Please do not end the chat.
    Hannah Foster: I will try to solve all your concerns if I can.
    Hannah Foster: Please let me know what stops you in ordering.
    Customer: Today is my birthday, and I would appreciate if you would not waste my birthday
    Customer: What stops me from ordering is a company that is not as concerned with customer service as it is with closing a sale
    Hannah Foster: A very happy birthday to you Steve!
    Hannah Foster: I am right here to provide you all the service that you would like to have.
    Customer: Ok, I would like you to give me back the last half hour of my birthday, because I only asked a few simple questions and got bombarded with sales pitches. Can you do that?
    Hannah Foster: Steve, I apologize for that.
    Hannah Foster: Still I would have been more than happy to assist you in ordering a perfect pair for you.
    Customer: I am well aware of that. And I’ll have you remember that I did not come here to get assistance with ordering. I came to ask questions
    Customer: Goodbye Hannah. Please DO share my complaints to your managers as soon as possible
    Hannah Foster: Yes I will do that right away.
    Hannah Foster: I can certainly understand. Please ask for me whenever you come online to place an order. I will be more than happy to assist you with the order process as well as with any promotional offer running at that time.
    Hannah Foster: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Customer: Don’t worry, that will never happen
    Customer: Nope, goodbye
    Hannah Foster: Thanks for using Gravity Defyer chat assistance! It was my pleasure assisting you today. Good bye and have a great day ahead.

  18. disgusted in NY on April 15, 2010 14:36

    Buyer beware! Pray that you don’t have a problem!!!! Customer service stinks! You can not contact anyone that can actually help you! I ordered 2 pair of shoes in March and 18 days later I have still yet to receive them! I tried calling a few times only to get an Indian that tells me it’s been shipped! The tracking number they supply (for UPS) has no information and can not be tracked! The more I look into this company the more horror stories I find. The shoe may be good, I have no idea…like I said, PRAY YOU DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!

  19. Chris Burton on April 26, 2010 19:03

    I mistakenly ordered a set of these (Nov 09) and they arrived promptly at the end of Jan 10. Wore them twice for light workouts and both times my heels were in agony after 10 minutes. After screwing my heels up with 35 years of running, these were far worse than wearing combat boots as I did for my first decade with the US Army).

    I returned them as instructed via UPS in February and have not got a refund and it’s nearly May. Stay away from these snake oil salesmen!

  20. Chris Burton on May 26, 2010 11:39

    3 months later, but the company finally refunded my money on the 21st of May! So I take it back; a painful product yes; but they finally did come through with a refund.

  21. Gary Pinkelman on October 15, 2010 01:45

    Bought shoes mid May Today is Oct 15. Very comfortable but my shoes are falling apart.The upper part is over half way off.Called the company. they said Sorry. Could not talk to anyone but a person answering the phone. I will take pictures of shoes and invoices and will publish if I get no cooperationAlexander Elnekaveh Thank You Gary

  22. Terri Petersen on January 7, 2011 07:12

    Do not buy from these shysters. I ordered a pair of shoes in August 2010 for my brother-in-law. I finally received them the first part of December. 2 days after he started wearing them, the right shoe fell apart. I called their customer service (who speaks very little English), and was given the procedure to mail the shoes back. I have have yet to hear anything back from the company, and every time I call their customer service department, I conveniently get cut off.

  23. Efudd on April 12, 2011 05:08

    My father swears by these shoes!!! He was born with clubfeet and hammertoes and after wearing Gravity Defyers after one day, he was miraculously healed!!!! But that’s nothing compared to my cousin – she was born with her right foot missing and after wearing Gravity Defyers for only 3 days, she grew a new foot!!! Wow!!! Also I ordered 2 pairs for my mother about 6 months ago, we havn’t received them yet but she claims her feet feel better anyways!!! Way to go Gravity Defyers!!! Forgot to mention – my sister, age 67, who has been barren without children, wore her Gravity Defyers for a month and became pregnant!!! I guess that logo had everything to do with it!!! Thanks Gravity Defyer!!! (now, if I could just keep them away from my grand daughters…

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