TV-B-Gone: One function universal TV remote


When I visited Germany recently and got together with two of my gadget loving friends, I got shown a cool little universal remote called TV-B-Gone. Universal TV remotes can be bought anywhere and evertv-b-gone.jpgywhere nowadays and I would not normally really class them as gadgets, except maybe the versions. But this little remote has a twist: it only has one function: off. In 63 seconds it sends all well known TV brands off signal and therefor can switch off virtually any TV anywhere within reach. What is the purpose? Well for one just pure entertainment! If you hate soccer, imagine going to a packed sports bar and just switching off their TV’s. Or: Imagine being able to switch off your grandmothers/sisters/mothers/girlfriends TV when they are watching any given annoying program (Big Brother, several soaps and talkshows pop to my mind).

TV-B-Gone can be bought directly from the manufactures website in two different versions (European and North American/Asian) for roughly $20, as well asĀ  many other gadget online shops – just google it.

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