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Digital cameras are one of the many gadgets to be found in most homes nowadays, but sadly most amateur photographers don’t realize the full power of them just yet. Instead of just using them as a replacement for expensive film roll and prints, one can create the most amazing photographs using ones digital camera and some software.

The photo storage page Flickr is well known among the gadget lover population and is always good for not only finding new magnificent examples of photography but also new ways of taking and editing your work.

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is just one of those ways of using the power of computers and digital photography. First developed by Paul Debevec, it was intended as way of realistically lighting and animating computer generated images. But now photographers can use desktop software to create HDR photographs.

Creating HDR images with amazing results is surprisingly simple. You will need a digital camera, preferably for better results a digital single lens reflex (dSLR) like the Canon EOS xxxD series, on which you can manually set the exposure time. You will also need to have a tripod, as your camera will need to stay still between shots.

After you have found a suitable static subject you take at least 3 images using different exposure times and then combine these with a image editing software, for example Adobe Photoshop CS2 or the open-source GIMP. It is as easy as that, and as you can see in some of the Flickr HDR pools: the result can be quite amazing!

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