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A large and good flat screen television needs a sound to match. Planning to put up a completes it. Video plays a big role in creating the home theater illusion of “being” in the movie but the real job of surrounding yourself in the scene falls to your multi-channel sound audio system. An audio or home theater system generally includes the center channel speaker, the left and right front speakers, the surround channel speakers, and the .

Home Theater System

The purpose of the center speaker is to provide highly localized speaker information which is coming from the center of the screen. There’s a high correlation between what you see on the screen and where the sound comes from. The left and right speakers are to provide more lateral, but still highly localized and directed, sound. Together, the three represent the frontal face of your home theater sound experience. When there is a specific sound – the clash of swords, the shout of the main character, the click of a trigger being pulled back – the sound comes predominantly from these speakers.

Imagine that you see on the screen the soon-to-be victims of a firing squad, and from behind you, you hear the clicks of the rifles as they chamber a round. Your rear channel-driven surround sound system brings you that sensation.

Compare your old two-channel sound to the new multi-channel surround sound. Most of us are used to the old stereo sound that gives us a left and a right speaker effect. Multi-channel surround sound builds on this presentation by adding a front center speaker between the front left and right speakers and adding two surround speakers. Some versions of surround sound add two more rear speakers and side surround speakers to really enhance your surround-sound field.

As Stated in Home Theaters for Dummies, bass management is how your home theater manages the low frequency sounds. Better A/V receivers and other controller devices have several options for how you want to handle the bass sounds in your system. If you have nice tall speakers that have a very effective bass range of their own which are called full range speakers, you may decide to pass all bass frequencies to them. If you want smaller speakers that can sit on a shelf, then the bass frequencies might fall to the subwoofer, a speaker designed to play low-frequency sounds.

So it is better to understand the importance of your speakers, how digital surround differs, or how each speaker driver works. These will give better sound to watching horror movies and sci-fi flicks.

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