Do You Have the Car Gadget You Need?

January 17, 2007 by Pablo | Leave a Comment
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Carmakers and technology companies are catching on to this growing trend and offering more choices of cars gadgets such as car navigation systems, mobile MP3s, systems and wireless communication.

Pioneer Navigation SystemWith on your dashboard, drivers can give turn-by-turn voice prompts. Factory-installed in-dash navigation systems feature monitors that ranges from 6.5 – 7 inches. For the commitment-wary, plug-and-play navigation systems that can mount onto the windshield or dash are available. They often come equipped with built-in speakers and antennas.

This car navigation system comes in two models, the plug-and-play and the in-dash. The plug-and-play type are cost-effective, usually portable, and some systems offer map updates via internet. On the other hand, the in-dash model is more accurate in determining speed/mileage, better-looking, and includes playback.

Because many music lovers also drive, there’s a lot of interest in the plug-in and drive off. This has not escaped automakers, who are quickly expanding -compatibility options, allowing them to play through the car’s radio and syncing the stereo’s audio controls to the MP3 player. They even provide a place for the player to rest — often inside the glove box. Several devices will attach to your MP3 player and transmit a radio signal to the car’s radio. Some of these options also charge the MP3 player. Another common option connects the MP3 player to a tape-deck adapter. Anyone who had a portable CD player and a tape deck back in the day should find the setup familiar.

As stated in, factory-installed DVD systems first gained a foothold in the minivan segment — a natural connection, since they often carry the most kids. Since then, DVD options have expanded to both the front and rear of cars. They can be factory-installed to double as a navigation system or dealer-installed to feature customized options, such as satellite TV. A DVD system with multi-zone capability allows more inputs and outputs so that other devices, such as video game players, can also be used and multiple sound sources can play simultaneously.

allows drivers to make and receive phone calls via their cell phones but through in-car systems. Steering-wheel-mounted controls in some cars, allow drivers to more safely answer calls while driving. bluetooth simply changes the device on which your calls are received; the phone number is the same, and charges appear normally on your cell phone bill. No hard-wired connections or docking stations are necessary, and drivers can operate their cell phones either through the car’s controls or via hands-free voice activation. Some systems even automatically mute your car’s audio when a call is answered. Imagine how safe it is driving around the city or bringing your family to long distance trips.

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