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January 17, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment
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sid.jpgTodays featured project is the MIDIbox SID by Thorsten Klose of Germany. The MIDIbox SID is a DIY synthesizer using the Commodor 64 sound chips called SID. The C64 may already be more than 20 years old, but the sound chips brought back to live in this DIY synthesizer can still generate fantastic and amazing sounds, if used correctly even comparing to modern commercial synthesizer costing more than $1000.

The MIDIbox SID architecture is open-source and you therefor not only have the freedom of creating your own case, which many enthusiasts use their old C64 for, but you can change the software to the way you need it if you have the programming knowledge. This is what makes the MIDIbox project especially interesting to advanced DIY gadget lovers.

sid2.jpgBut even if this is your first DIY project it is not an impossible on to complete, as there is a massive community available which can supply help and further HowTos than the ones available on Thorsten Kloses personal webpage. I helped set this community up 3 years ago, but sadly have since no participated much in it. Some of the case designs and pictures you can view in the gallery are just amazing and will make and audio gadget lover drool.

Apart from the MIDIbox SID synthesizer the MIDIBbox architecture can also be used for other audio equipment, for example a MIDI controller for Cubase or other computer audio software.

If you want to find out more about the SID visit:

uCapps – Thorsten Kloses personal webpage
MIDIbox.org – the MIDIbox community portal

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  1. nILS Podewski on September 29, 2007 00:46

    Hiya poeloq! I just got back to the community and finished my 4x SID – been missing you around there. Come back and at least check into the chat some time =)

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