LG’s BH 100 might not support HD DVD’s iHD

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It was at the International Consumer Electronics Show (), last week that LG brought forth the first player which could play and HD DVD discs. “Total Hi Def” dual-format discs were also announced to be launched by mid-2007. The Unit capable of playing only DVD’s and not CD’s is named Super Multi Blue Player, popularly named BH 100. Expected to be priced at $1,199, BH 100 might me available around February 2005, much ahead than the date declared in the press conference at CES by LG. is also capable of reading and writing DVDs and CDs.

LG also has plans up its sleeves to bring out a computer drive priced $1,999, which would be able to play both HD DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. At the same time it can also record Blu-Ray discs. The model named GGW-H10N will be available in the market almost around the same time when BH 100 will be available.

However, LG’s hybrid high-def player lacks support for HD DVD’s iHD. This could signal for LG because if this turns out to be a fact, then the DVD forum will in most probable cases sue LG for using the HD DVD logo falsely and claiming to perform a technology, which their devices does not support. If BH 100 is really incapable of playing HD DVD’s iHD, then access to HD DVDs interactive menus will not be possible. In that case, the movies can only be viewed straight through.

LG’s BH 100

In the final go, it can be gauged that unless and until, LG comes out with some last moment innovation, then probably it would be a great blow to their credibility and the techno-savy consumers will have to remain content with the old DVD players.

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