HD DVD versus Blu-Ray – will the adult film industry decide again?

January 15, 2007 by poeloq | 3 Comments
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VHS may be outdated now, but it did show one major influence in film format competition rules: the adult film industry. When the adult film industry started to use the VHS media for technical (longer playingtime) and legal (other companies did not want the adult film industry to use their format) reasons the battle between the three big competitors – VHS, Betamax and Video 2000 – was pretty much over and we all know who one. Of course, there were also other reasons, but the major influence was this given reasons.

Now again we have to new formats who are going to battle it out: and . And it seems that HD DVD is going into the race with the support of the adult film industry.
Just a few days ago there were reports that Sony was banning adult movies on Blu ray all together, but even though these bans have now been denied, the HD DVD seems to be the current leader and most likely winner of the race, especially because they are cheaper to produce and more players exist.

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