Technologists, The world is getting warmer.

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While man is worried about , s and s, the world is moving towards a dreaded direction.

United States recorded last year 2006 as the warmest year on record till date. concluded that the seven months of the last year were much warmer than normal. Also they stated that the temperature readings in the last half of December were unusually higher than normal warm weather. Earlier they had predicted that it would be the third warmest year, but the unseasonable warm weather during the last half of December got it to the first place.

Based on an analysis of readings from 1,200 weather stations, the data centre had listed the daily average temperatures of 48 states from US. They found that the total average calculated was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It was 0.07 warmer than the earlier warmest year on record 1998. Also the mercury showed that the climate was 2.2 degrees warmer than average daily temperature. The organisation has quoted it to be the sixth warmest year on recors, all over the world. El Niño event in the Pacific is held responsible for this unusual warming. Its time we get worried about .

global warming

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