Pod slurping: A New Threat

January 11, 2007 by techbuzz | Leave a Comment
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The world is threatened many a disaster. One of the most recent one is that of pod slurping. slurping is using a storage devise like an ipod to download confidential information illicitly. The device is plugged into the system directly and it normally evades a firewall. are also used to slurp data. A US expert named Abe Usher coined the name slurping in 2005.

In an experiment a application was written to automate the copying process. .exe is used to copy all the files from the computer in less than a minute onto an iPod. This does not even require a username and password.

ipod slurping . ipod video

There are only two ways in which this practice can be curtailed: policy based measures and technology based methods. A policy based measure restricts the usage of removable storage devices at the workplace and involves bringing in physical security measures. Technological preventions would be to disable USB connections, using of third party software to prevent unauthorized access to systems, using of encryption to maintain data confidentiality, and placing all data on protected network rather than on a shared network.

$56.6 million has been lost in identity thefts in 2005. The issue with is that about 70% of it is performed by employees. Theft of intellectual property is the fourth highest influencer of the economy of a company. All companies are on a red alert to protect their systems.

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