iRobot Create, the first programmable robot, unveiled at 2007 Consumer Electronics Show

January 10, 2007 by techbuzz | 3 Comments
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, which is unveiled at the in Las Vegas, can pick up clutter and create designs on the floor. Thus, it provides aspiring roboticists, students and robot developers with an affordable, pre-assembled programmable robot—iRobot Create.

iRobot - first programmable robot

iRobot Create, is an affordable, programmable robot designed for aspiring roboticists, advanced high-school and college students, and serious robot developers. Create comes pre-assembled, so developers can design new robots without having to build a mobile robot from scratch. “Innovators dream of creating useful robots, but they often get bogged down with designing a mobile platform that works,” said Helen Greiner, co-founder and chairman of iRobot. “iRobot Create fills a need in the robot industry for a standard, durable hardware platform on which to rapidly develop new, innovative mobile robots.”

The Create platform provides access to robot sensors and actuators via an open interface. It also features standard connections for electronics and threaded mounting holes that allow users to secure their inventions to the robot, streamlining the integration of third-party electronics such as sensors, cameras, arms and wireless connections.

A slew of methods and programming languages can be used to control Create. Beginners can observe the robot’s behavior in one of 10 demonstration modes or they can program the robot directly by downloading short scripts with any basic terminal program. More advanced users can write programs for completely autonomous robot behavior in C or C++ using the iRobot Command Module. Developers can also create custom software and interact with Create using a variety of methods including , a Windows-based development toolkit.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), iRobot will stage ongoing demonstrations of Create at the company’s booth in the Sands Expo, No. 70415, till Thursday, Jan. 11. Attendees will also see demonstrations of Create applications, including a robot that picks up clutter and one that creates designs on the floor.

Create which is based on the core technology of , the vacuuming robot that is cleaning millions of homes worldwide, and is compatible with Roomba’s rechargeable batteries, remote control and other accessories. Create can be acquired at a retail price costing $129.99.

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3 Comments so far

  1. me on January 17, 2007 14:33

    okay – and what type of OS does it use?? there is nothing mentioned…


  2. admin on January 17, 2007 14:56

    “You’ll need a computer with a serial port (USB connectivity is expected soon) and Microsoft Windows XP, Linux or Mac OS X.”

    More info HERE and also HERE !

    Thanks for visiting our blog 😉

  3. moi on February 11, 2008 20:40

    errr dosnt look that good i was expecting laser cannons yeessh geek fest much i wanna annihalate nerds

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