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Hard Drive by Iomega


Thinking of buying yourself a pen drive? Don’t! Get yourself an external hard drive, that fits into your shirt pocket, although not as miniature as a zip drive.

Technology has been making giant leaps as usual, and we now have a great storage option in the form of external hard drives. Up to just a few years ago an external hard drive meant something that needed to be lugged around in a briefcase or laptop bag. Well, all that is history now. With the new cigarette-packet sized hard drives, you can carry something like 50 full length movies in your pocket! Let’s look at one of the simplest and cheapest ones available on the market.

Iomega’s silver series portable 60GB USB2 hard drive is a great little device that costs you something like a hundred dollars (US). Being USB powered, it requires no external power supply, which means no carrying around an extra adaptor. Being USB2, it proves to be faster than older and larger models that worked with USB1.

In North America, the most popular form of transporting small files was the three and a half inch floppy drive. Floppy disks, on the other hand have long been known to fail, and when you don’t want to go to the trouble of burning CDs for every little file, then external storage is what you need. You can’t really go wrong with external storage – everybody needs one! In fact, there are people who have stopped carrying around laptops, but just the external hard drive. The hard drive is large enough to carry your own operating system, and installed software as well, so all you need do is find a computer and plug in. Every office has computers that are compatible with these hard drives (unless you’ve just stepped out of the eighties!), so there goes the requirement to carry a laptop. Also the price factor – a hard drive (even one of the more expensive ones) is a fraction of the cost of a laptop. So, unless you are traveling to an African jungle or something, you can always find a computer to plug in to. To stay on the safer side, you may even want to carry two identical drives – one for back up is never a bad idea.

Hard drives have not been known to fail (yeah, even external ones, though they very rarely do) unless manhandled or dropped two or three times, so no worries there. However, the sheer size of these little devices which is their basic advantage can also go against them. For example, very simply, they can drop out of your shirt pocket when you bend over to pick something up, so it is a good idea to carry these drives in at least a small pouch.

Once you get hooked on to these little babies, there’s no looking back. You will soon be wanting one with a larger storage capacity, especially if you are letting go of the laptop.

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