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Did you know that you can turn a television into a work of art? Well…almost. Panasonic’s new ‘customize your TV’ feature basically says that a plasma TV looks as good as a painting, turned on or off! So why not put it into an artistic, , and hang it up on a wall?

The entire customization process can be monitored by you on Panasonic’s website. You start by selecting one of the two large screen options – the TH-EBP42F9 (42inch) or the TH-EBP5OF9 (50inch). Both screens have a 10,000:1 contrast ration, and more or less differ in size alone. Once you’ve made this basic choice you move on to selecting a frame for the screen.

Panasonic Plasma TV with Frame

Choosing a frame for your Panasonic Plasma TV is a bit harder than selecting the screen, because there are dozens to choose from – Executive walnut, Cottage white, Classic black, Bombay mahogany…the list goes on. Do keep in mind the color of your walls, when you select a frame. If you generally do not understand aesthetics of interior decorating, you may do well to seek a bit of advice from a friend or relative before committing your TV to a frame. For example if you walls are a light colored wood finish, you may want the Bombay Mahogany, not the Classic Black…the classic black would look great on a modern finished wall, maybe grey painted with something like distemper.

When you’ve selected the TV and its frame, you need to complete the order before moving on to the final selections, so take your time to select these first two choices. Final selections include Digital A/V input module, home theater system, wall brackets and installation.

The finished customized TV was, till now something restricted to the DIY home enthusiast, but has brought it within the reach of the everyday man with this custom TV option.

If you are thinking of getting a customized plasma TV for yourself, do remember to get your wiring done professionally. There’s really no point in getting your TV a frame, hanging it up on a wall, only to spoil the whole effect by having cables running to it from all over the place! Wiring should all be hidden behind the Plasma TV. For this you may have to incur the added expense of hiring a professional to run wiring through pipelines, or better still, if you are constructing your home, remember to give ample wall sockets for power, cable TV and speaker outputs.

The Plasma TV in a frame (and on a wall) is the most futuristic method to show off your new TV. You could even use the thing as a display module by allowing a still image to remain on the TV during ‘off’ times. Plasma TVs do not heat up (no cathode ray tube remember), and can be left on for long durations. So, imagine a painting on the wall. Now imagine you lift your remote up and bring it to life!!!! This added with good surround sound truly makes for an enjoyable experience.

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