Palm Launches the Treo 750 with Cingular Wireless

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Palm Treo 750

Palm, Inc. and Cingular Wireless launched the first smart device running on Cingular’s 3G/UMTS network, . It is providing mobile professionals with an amazing-fast download speeds in and an exceptional phone experience.

The highly anticipated five-band world phone which uses Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology shows Palm’s exclusive usability improvements with powerful business features, including email, security, and web access on the go. It combines a world GSM phone, email, broadband wireless, and Windows Mobile. The is aimed at executives, sales people and other “mobile professionals” who travel worldwide and need to use e-mail,the Web and their cell phone.

With the web becoming part and parcel of the modern office, email and web access from cell phones have become a necessity. Executives on travel need to access and share data every now and then. But more than ever, a reliable wireless connection has become utmost necessity. Video too is becoming a necessary application for cell phones and so most new phones are coming in equipped with these features. Treo too is in the list.

The Palm treo will be available at retail stores and online at a retail price of $400 along with a two-year contract and mail-in rebate. In internal specifications, the Treo runs Windows Mobile5.0, and has an internel antenna, alphabetic keyboard. It has a 1.3-megapixel camera, an Touch screen of 240-240mm and Bluetooth support for headsets.The Phone has a 60MB on internal memory.

The Palm Treo 750 initially will be enabled for UMTS with a free upgrade, scheduled to be available later in 2007, to Cingular’s supercharged HSDPA technology. UMTS/HSDPA is a global standard and natural 3G evolutionary path for GSM providers with 142 UMTS networks in 61 countries currently available.

The Palm launched the in September 2006.The delay was mainly due to certification issueswith carriers, some of which were not in Palm’s control. Palm Chief Executive mentioned that the rival companies got the benefit of the Palm Treo’s delay and they introduced a number of new smart phones during the same period.

Thus the Palm Treo 750 phone helps to stay connected by true means. It sports a more compact design and comes with integrated Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and world phone capabilities with all features like phone, email, messaging, web, and Windows Mobile with Palm enhancements.

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