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Mega Search Engine (mega.co.nz)


Mega SearchMega.co.nz is still new but already very popular free file hosting service, everybody know about this file host because of new level of privacy and because mega.co.nz owner was also owner of megaupload.com file host.

Every file hosted on mega.co.nz is 100% encrypted with advanced AES algorithm and only uploader with private key can download uploaded file!

But, some uploaders sharing uploaded files on forums, blogs, websites with private key and that is reason why exist mega search engine – megasearch.us, this is free and easy for use mega search engine, files db growing every day and you can find almost any file on this mega.co.nz search engine!

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Free Webcam Chat


Free WebCam ChatToday exist many webcam chat communities but for most of them you must pay some fees to use some features or to use webcam chat but look like still exist some 100% free with all features like other “premium webcam chat” communities, one of them is TurboFlirt Chat, all is free and I hope that all will stay free…

TurboFlirt Free Webcam Chat

FileSonic Search Engine


FileSonic is one of most popular file hosts and many people using this file host but like on most other file hosts you can`t find hosted files, they don`t have file search feature!

If you need to find some file on FileSonic file host this is best place to start, on FileSonicTrend you can find almost all files, this is the best filesonic search engine:

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Samsung launches the 7 series (700G7A) laptops for gamers!


Samsung 700G7A notebookUsually targeting mainstream consumers and business users, Samsung made a bold move at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. They are broadening their horizons and are determined to win the hearts of gamers with their newest device. Samsung have announced that they are planning to enter the profitable market of gaming notebooks with its new 7 series line, starting with the high-performance 700G7A notebook.Make sure you have a compatible office desk for this notebook.Buy one from the nearest furniture warehouse.

There hasn’t been an official confirmation from Samsung but rumors say that it is built around a massive Full HD LED display of 17.3 inch. This oversized notebook uses an Intel Core i7 processor locked at 2GHz, an AMD Radeon HD 6790 video card boasting 2GB of video memory, 16GB of RAM, a 1.5 TB HDD and 8GB flash storage space for Express Cache, powerful camera for the most popular video identification. Other features include USB 3.0, a Blu-ray drive and VGA and HDMI outputs that will turn out to be very useful if you have a big TV.

Furthermore, the impressive Samsung notebook also comes equipped with a high definition camera, a 7-in-1 card reader and a 9 cell battery – Samsung have yet to reveal the battery life of its brand new notebook. From a design point of view, the stretches around to the display bezel and the lid are covered with a glossy finish while the full-size backlit keyboard with its blue and white backlighting keys is visually appealing. The specifications of the 700G7A notebook are pretty fantastic and Samsung – which is best known for creating slim devices – could gain new fans.

Priced at $2,577, the 700G7A will hit European stores in September.

iOS 5 beta 6 is available for developers!


Apple has just recently launched the iOS beta 6 for developers. Available as an OTA (over the air) update, it measures  144 MB and it requires the user to use an iPhone , an iPad or iPod touch with the iOS 5 beta 3 installed or more recent versions of the iOS. So what does the new version of Apple’s OS brings to the tablet? Let’s find out in this quick article!

The Cupertino company does not recommend that you delete the data present on the terminals before the upgrade, as it was the case for the beta 5, so, in this regard, we are happy to observe an evolution.  In the meantime, Tunes has reached the 10.5 beta 6 version while the Xcode is at the 4.2 preview 3 phase. Regarding the improvements brought by the beta 6, one of the most important changes is represented by the bug fixes of interaction with the iCloud service. For example, some settings were not correctly saved and some services were only activated momentarily. This is the case of Find My Phone, which was disabled after setup.

As in the previous beta, the birthday calendar is not available on the icloud.com site or in Windows but this function will be remedied in a later version. Moreover, iBooks still has some problems and will not display some text or images from books. In this regard, Apple advises us to head over to the App Store and upgrade to the 1.3 version of iBooks. Have you tested the new software?

The first teaser for the Samsung phone with an HD screen and Ice Cream Sandwich


Samsung I9250 Android phoneIf we are to believe the video teaser that recently popped up on the internet, the super-phone that Samsung will present at the IFA 2011 is a bright piece of gold… Well this is just a promo of the device that Samsung will announce during the Samsung Unpacked event, which is in turn part of the IFA 2011. Are you excited? You’d better be!

Speculation says that the focus and center piece of the Samsung conference will be the I9250 Android phone, the first HD smartphone of the Asian company boasting an HD screen. Let’s have a quick look at its specifications. We’re talking about a Super AMOLED display with a diagonal of 4.65 inch and running at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. In addition, this is the first device that is running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and if we are to believe the existing rumors, we will witness its launch by the end of November.

It is a known fact that Samsung likes to announce its upcoming models a few months before their official launch, so it is not excluded that on the 1st of September we will see the I9250 smartphone officially unveiled. In addition, it is very possible that we may attend the debut of a 7-inch tablet from Samsung, a descendant of the first Galaxy Tab, but one with an Exynos dual core processor running at 1.2 GHz and Honeycomb. The first week of September certainly sounds promising. Stay tuned for more news and details.

Refurbished iPhones sold as new devices in China? Another trial for the Cupertino company!


AppleApple has another new trial on their hands, after the attack from HTC, who faced them in court on the subject of patents. This time, the American company came under legal action due to the complaints from customers in China. They were unhappy that they have purchased refurbished iPhone units that were sold as brand new. Who wouldn’t be unhappy, right?

The problem here is not necessarily that the terminals aren’t good but the buyer has high expectations and hopes to receive its device directly from the factory. What is more, the biggest problem of the refurbished devices is the warranty which, as you can easily imagine, is much shorter compared to that of new products – less than one year. As a result, the idea of an anti Apple trial appeared when customers discovered that their refurbished iPhones’ warranties expire after one year after purchase.

Furthermore, things got worse when one of these unlucky customers went at the Apple Store to return the terminal. Then the employees, faced with the situation, tried to fool the client and change the expiry date of the warranty… after the scandal with the clones of Apple Stores, it seems that Apple can’t catch a break. The problems now come from an original Apple store in China and chances are that the local launch of the new iPhone will be delayed or even postponed. It seems like a logical answer to these kind of problems. One question remains though: is this problem caused by intermediaries or does it have its origins at Apple?

Yahoo! Phone arrives in Japan next month with the Google Android OS


Yahoo phoneThe irony of ironies is to see a Yahoo! phone with the Google operating system on board, isn’t it? But nothing is impossible and by now you should have learned to never say never. We are talking about the Yahoo Phone that you see in the recently released pictures. You should be happy to find out that it will arrive on the Japanese market next month. However, you must first know an important fact that had a major role in this upcoming release: Yahoo is the most visited website in Japan, hence the dedicated phone.

Secondly, it also helped a lot that SoftBank, the third largest mobile operator in Japan, is a major shareholder of Yahoo. Things are becoming much clearer… but still, why the Android OS? Is it because this OS is very popular in the homeland of Toshiba, Fujitsu and Sharp?  As for the hardware specs of the terminal, we are dealing with a Sharp smartphone with Android 2.3, 4-inch LCD display (resolution qHD), an 8 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, an microSD slot and an e-wallet function.

Basically, this model is a rebranded Sharp Aquos 009SH for Yahoo…  All of the Android applications and services for Yahoo will already be preinstalled on the device. You will see Japan Home Yahoo, Yahoo Japan Auctions, calendar, dictionary and s more apps. Keep in mind the fact that the smartphone will make its debut next month, and its buyers which are SoftBank subscribers will become Yahoo! Japan premium members for two years.

App of the day – Buildings (Android app)


Buildings Android appOur app of the day is an app created by architects and it is called the Buildings Android app. If you are passionate about structures and buildings and want your own mobile encyclopedia, then this is the perfect Android app for you. It boasts a nice set of useful features and what is more, it is free!

The interface of the Buildings app has a great design and breezes elegance. It is clear, intuitive and it is focused on the genius and beauty of the surrounding architecture of the structures. The database of the app is currently comprised of over 40.000 buildings that were assembled from users and architects from all over the globe.

You can also connect with Facebook and register an account. It is a very useful feature for when you want to add more photos or your own comments. Recently added and featured buildings are displayed by the homepage so don’t worry that you won’t have something new to browse every day. By using the “Nearby” button, you can learn a lot more about the surrounding places.

Moreover, general mobile networks are used by the app in order to pinpoint your location. Buildings can be filtered by their distance from you as well as status (for example – under construction) and type (residential, commercial). All sorts of useful information such as descriptions, multiple photos, comments, year constructed is displayed by the pages of the buildings.

All in all, the Buildings Android app is the perfect tool for students and architecture enthusiasts. Be sure to check it out here!

No more PCs for HP… is this the future?


No more PC from HPIt seems that last week’s rumors about HP are true, the company being on the verge of the biggest restructuring in its history. And besides giving up on the WebOS, which was inevitable, HP really wants to get rid of the PC division, despite the fact that it is the number one notebook brand boasting the biggest sells and revenues that are constantly increasing.

Firstly, HP doesn’t want anything to do with hardware in general and as a result, everything will pass in a subsidiary that can be more easily sold to the highest bidder. They didn’t achieve success with neither their digital cameras nor with their phones. And now they also want to stop the production of PCs because they have small profit margins and the future doesn’t look too bright due to the present declining sales. So they decided to escape while they can.  Furthermore, HP wants to focus on software management and data analysis, required for large companies, where is some big money to gain with a profit between 43% and 87%. Thus, HP will acquire the British company Autonomy at a price of $10.3 billion. The transaction will be completed by the end of 2011.

The solution found by HP certainly seems bizarre. And even though the HP officials believe that the restructuring of the company is a good decision for the future, on a short term it only brought trouble. Following their announcement, HP’s shares immediately fell by about 30% from $32.49 to $23.45.

Nokia launches Symbian Belle on August 24; could also present several new phone models: Nokia 600, 700, 701!


Nokia fans, unite! Unite and watch the countdown present on Nokia’s Facebook page. We should expect something new and special on August 24th as it turns out that Symbian is not dead…. It’s probably about the beginning of Symbian Belle, as confirmed by a teaser that popped up on the web but it was recently removed. A tip on Twitter also reminded us what new models we could see on Wednesday: Nokia 600, 700 and 701.

We’ve seen these devices in the form of leaks some time ago – both images and specifications. But the mystery doesn’t end here! It’s strange that there is still another countdown with an advantage of 20 hours from the one you see now …  If you did not know, a week ago, users of the Nokia N8 had the opportunity to play with the Belle OS, which was leaked on the forum and posted for download. Unfortunately, the available files have caused problems and we couldn’t observe Bell in action.

Keep in mind that among some of the most attractive new Symbian models that we could see on Wednesday include the Nokia 700. This is due to arrive with a 3.2-inch OLED screen, a 1GHz processor and NFC support. Regarding the new version of Symbian, you should be happy to find out that it brings new dimensions of widgets, 6 Home menus, all customizable and a notification bar inspired by Android.

The web browser has reached version 7.4 and the last time we learned details about Belle, our OS was promised for the autumn.  Are you excited?

Music and Android: Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman officially announced


Sony Ericsson Live With WalkmanIf you were jealous of the Asians when Sony Ericsson announced the Walkman WT18i in China, we now have the chance to see the terminal in the U.S. and Europe. Sony Ericsson has just officially announced a new Walkman model, known as Live With Walkman, practically a rebranded WT18i.

Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman is a smartphone with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board and oriented towards music. As a result, it sports dedicated hardware buttons to access player and multimedia content, powerful speakers implementing the Sony xLOUD technology and sharing options in social networking sites directly from the audio/video application. What is more, specific new audio features with audio include the following: Media Discovery – an application dedicated to those interested in discovering new content, including from the recommendations of Facebook friends; Infiniti button – instant access to extra information about the artists in the playlist, clips and lyrics; Qriocity – a streaming music and video service exclusively for Sony; TrackID – to identify music.

Sony Ericsson’s musical smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon processor clocked at 1 GHz and 512 MB ​​RAM. The capacitive touch screen has a 3.2 inch diagonal and 320 x 480 pixels resolution. The list of specifications includes the 5 MP camera capable of High Definition recording (plus autofocus, LED flash touch focus and image stabilizer function), GPS, 3G/HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman is a fairly robust device, measuring 106 x 56.5 x 14.2 mm and weighing 115 grams. It is expected to arrive on the market two classic color themes: white and black. Its launch will take place in Q4 and the pricing is not yet known.

iPhone 5 – A dual mode world phone?


iPhone 5 dual modeAccess to both CDMA and GSM networks will be integrated into Apple’s upcoming hotly anticipated new gadget. According to a source of TechCrunch, the iPhone 5 will be able to operate on the majority of countries around the globe. Information from registration logs was reportedly pulled by an unidentified app developer. The interesting fact is that two different mobile network codes – MNC and MCC were unveiled by these registration logs. These codes belong to AT&T and Verizon and represent unique mobile network identifiers.

At the moment, both companies are being catered by Apple but the devices cannot function on each other’s networks. The CDMA standard is used by Verizon while the iPhone 4 of AT&T operates on the standard in Europe, the GSM network. Looking back, many rumors have popped up in the past about an Apple CDMA/GSM world phone but this function is present on Verizon’s iPhone. However, it is not activated. The Qualcomm MDM6600 chip is used by the device. Does it ring any bells? Of course it does because the Droid Pro world phone sports the exactly same chip.

So there is no LTE support? If the iPhone 5 will be a dual mode world phone, chances of this happening are high indeed. On the other hand, the MacRumors site tells us that a snippet of code that mentions LTE is contained by the latest developer builds of Apple’s iOS 5. Is Apple testing 4G internally? We can’t wait to find out as the October release date of the iPhone 5 draws nearer every day.