Yahoo! Phone arrives in Japan next month with the Google Android OS

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Yahoo phoneThe irony of ironies is to see a Yahoo! phone with the Google operating system on board, isn’t it? But nothing is impossible and by now you should have learned to never say never. We are talking about the Yahoo Phone that you see in the recently released pictures. You should be happy to find out that it will arrive on the Japanese market next month. Однако, you must first know an important fact that had a major role in this upcoming release: Yahoo is the most visited website in Japan, hence the dedicated phone.

Во-вторых, it also helped a lot that SoftBank, the third largest mobile operator in Japan, is a major shareholder of Yahoo. Things are becoming much clearer… but still, why the Android ОС? Is it because this OS is very popular in the homeland of Toshiba, Fujitsu and Sharp?  As for the hardware specs of the terminal, we are dealing with a Sharp smartphone with Android 2.3, 4-inch LCD display (resolution qHD), an 8 мегапиксельная камера, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, an microSD slot and an e-wallet function.

Basically, this model is a rebranded Sharp Aquos 009SH for Yahoo  All of the Android applications and services for Yahoo will already be preinstalled on the device. You will see Japan Home Yahoo, Yahoo Japan Auctions, calendar, dictionary and s more apps. Keep in mind the fact that the smartphone will make its debut next month, and its buyers which are SoftBank subscribers will become Yahoo! Japan premium members for two years.

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