The first teaser for the Samsung phone with an HD screen and Ice Cream Sandwich

September 1, 2011 by Chad Faith | 1 Hoe

If we are to believe the video teaser that recently popped up on the internet, the super-phone that Samsung will present at the IFA 2011 is a bright piece of gold… Well this is just a promo of the device that Samsung will announce during the Samsung Unpacked event, which is in turn part of […]


Yahoo! Phone arrives in Japan next month with the Google Android OS

Augustus 31, 2011 by Chad Faith | Laat een bericht achter

The irony of ironies is to see a Yahoo! phone with the Google operating system on board, isn’t it? But nothing is impossible and by now you should have learned to never say never. We are talking about the Yahoo Phone that you see in the recently released pictures. You should be happy to find […]


iPhone 5 – A dual mode world phone?

Augustus 30, 2011 by Chad Faith | 2 Reacties

Access to both CDMA and GSM networks will be integrated into Apple’s upcoming hotly anticipated new gadget. According to a source of TechCrunch, the iPhone 5 will be able to operate on the majority of countries around the globe. Information from registration logs was reportedly pulled by an unidentified app developer. The interesting fact is […]


Dish out your purses, Dames! Two new HTCs for you – Bliss and Pico!

Augustus 20, 2011 by Chad Faith | Laat een bericht achter

If little tidbits were heard in the past about the HTC Bliss and its affinity for women’s purses, the HTC Pico terminal is a somewhat unknown device that escaped our radar. Its resemblance with the HTC Glam – another HTC device for the ladies – makes us think that the Taiwanese manufacturer is preparing a […]


Blackberry to Have Its Own Music Service

Augustus 20, 2011 by ArijitKRoul | Laat een bericht achter

As per latest reports, Research in Motion is coming out with a music service of its own that will be available across all its devices. The inclusion of this new service is aimed at strengthening its messenger service. As of now, BlackBerry is facing low patronage due to the evolution of bigger brands in the […]


Is the LTE iPhone upon us? AT&T and Verizon are installing LTE equipment in Apple stores!

Augustus 18, 2011 by Chad Faith | Laat een bericht achter

Recent, the guys at Engadget have published the first picture of an LTE equipment from AT & T installed in an Apple store located in the U.S. The installation of this type of equipment is more than strange; considering that at the moment, there are no iPhone terminals compatible with this technology. The information provided […]


Android Users Are Hooked To Their Phones for an Hour Every Day

Augustus 18, 2011 by ArijitKRoul | Laat een bericht achter

Neilson has released a report saying that Android users spend an hour every day with their smart phones. Echter, not so much time is spent browsing the net as is spent with the apps. For the study, thousands of phones were brought under observation to recognize a usage pattern. It was found that while fifty […]


September Will Bring an Update of Motorola Xoom 3.2 UPDATE

Augustus 18, 2011 by ArijitKRoul | Laat een bericht achter

Motorola has been in news for the past couple of day for selling out to Google. Motorola is also the first company that used Android in its Motorola Xoom tablet. Coming this September, the tablet is all set to receive an upgrade. Android Honeycomb 3.2 will be included instead of 3.1. In the United States, […]


iPhone 5 to Be Released On October 7 as a World Phone

Augustus 17, 2011 by ArijitKRoul | Laat een bericht achter

As rumors and speculations about the release of iPhone 5 are abounding, the latest news is that the phone will finally be launched on the 7th of October. Verder, the tech blog that reported this news also reported that the phone will be released as a world phone, which means that it will be compatible […]


Apple Likely to Announce the Next iPhone on September 7

Augustus 16, 2011 by ArijitKRoul | Laat een bericht achter

While the world has heard enough rumors about the release of the next generation iPhone, there finally seems to be some solid news. According to a Japanese website, Apple has planned an event on September 7 and that will probably the day when announcement regarding the next generation phone will be made. The most awaited […]


HTC Ruby Have 1.5GHZ Dual-Core

Augustus 15, 2011 by ArijitKRoul | Laat een bericht achter

The specs of HTC Ruby are out and they are revealed that the phone will carry a 1.5GHZ dual core processor.This android processor is supposed to be the fastest among all processors available today. In addition to the high power processor, the phone will also feature a 4.3 inch q-High definition display, dual camera with […]


3G voor de LG Shine

April 12, 2007 door davidallen | 3 Reacties

Het moet een van de beste toestellen rond zijn op het moment, de LG Shine met zijn super groot scherm werd eerder dit jaar gelanceerd om veel beoordeling, zelfs pakte een award bij de Shiny Awards voor Best Fashion Mobile Award, die vrij goed is voor een nieuwe telefoon. Now to make […]


Micky Telefoon?!

Maart 13, 2007 door statische | Laat een bericht achter

Wij hebben de LG Prada telefoon. Er zijn gesprekken over eventueel een Gucci telefoon. Nu, wat meer merken moeten we zien in onze mobiele telefoons? Een Calvin Klein? Een Cashmere? Goed, lijkt kunnen we net zo goed zien beroemdste creatie Walt Disney's, the world’s most adored rodent – Micky – on […]

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