How To Block Facebook With Your Firewall

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block facebook with firewallNow almost everybody using facebook (except me) and everybody want to use facebook in school, in office, in airplane, on Mars 😀 but that is not good if you need from somebody to work something else, many people must work many other things not only chat on facebook all time!

In my company I have network with internet access and one main router/firewall (pfsense) and because many workers start to use facebook at working hours I must do something, after reading about many solutions best solution for me is to block all facebook IP addresses for computers that using my workers (I know that they don`t know how to use proxy servers and this simple IP block will stop them to use facebook), facebook using many IP addresses and if you block this IP ranges you will block facebook:

In pfsense I do it on this way:

  1. create alias for facebook with above facebook IP ranges
  2. create alias with IP addresses of all your computers
  3. create firewall rule and for source select alias 2 (your PC`s) and for destination select alias 1 (Facebookに登録する) and foractionyou must selectBlock” または “Reject

On this way you can block facebook with pfsense but on similar way you can do this in other firewalls, you only need to block access to this IP addresses and you must know IP range is not one IP, on this way you blocking many IP addresses and you must do it on this way because facebook using many IP`s!

If you need help to setup this in your firewall please write comment with all details about your firewall/router and I will try to help you or somebody else

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