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22Moo Eyewears

これらの事は、おそらく地下鉄での着用しないようにクールなものが, 一部の見物人あなたに見えるかもしれませんが、宇宙空間からいくつかの若手実業家として, でもねえ, それらのことを行う 2.5 inch and 3 インチの画面ではかなりまともな外観! 私22Mooのビデオeyewearsについて話している. 22Moo is an already renowned company for making youインチall media players screen look huge via these glasses. But they just launched a new line of viewers such as VG240, VG910, VG920, PlayMate, Argo+, VG-350, 等. which when put on, can create a 35 inch screen and with some, up to 80 inch (VG920). These viewers can be directly connected to your iPod Video or the Zune or whatever player. The Argo+ is also compatible with Wii. The prices go at around $275, which isn’t the most affordable (who purchases a viewer pricier than their own player?) despite looking very similar to their old lines.

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