LG SH110. グレート見る!

1月 22, 2007 静電気による | コメントを残す
下に提出 お知らせ, 携帯電話

LG電子サイオン, 韓国の携帯電話会社, 韓国語だけの市場は、家庭用、別のスリムスライド式携帯電話のリリースを発表した。. 場合は、電話を米国でリリースされるかはまだ確認されていない.

LG SH110モデル, the LG SH110, それはいつものようになるのスリムな3Gのスライダがあります, を保持する 2.0 メガピクセルのカメラ, adopt the Bluetooth technology, while also acting as a media player. それだけでは, but the SH110 will also have a placed on the front of the phone for videoconferencing, using the HSDPA 1.8 Mbps connectivity.

Already, the Korean cell phone users have been hyped up by this announcement. Being a major world power in manufacturing cell phones, the expectations of the Koreans have substantially increased, and LG have said that SH110 will try to meet the demands of such consumers.

Whether it’ll be as successful as the LG Chocolate Phone or not, we cannot determine yet, but it seems as if it definitely will be a phone that’ll carry hype. With the announcement of the Prada phone recently too, LG seems to have some creative innovation spree as of!

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