AppleのiPhone: いくら米国外の費用がかかります?

1月 15, 2007 poeloqで | 2 コメント
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iPhone何か大きなものを除き起こる, Apple’s might already be the gadget of the year 2007 多くの人々の意見. しかし、で何をするのマルチメディア、この美しさの中心になって電話を消費者にセットバックになる?

さらに、アップルは、米国ではCingularが499ドルの価格では、米国$配布されることを発表 (4GBの) および 599$ (8GBの), each with a two year contract. The price difference in the US between subsidized and non-subsidized phones is slightly to greatly less than in Europe. A few days ago Amazon in Germany started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone, costing 899Euro (4GBの) および 999Euro (8GBの). Amazon in the UK are not offering pre-ordering or a price yet, but have a listing offering to e-mail when it becomes available, whereas Amazon in France, カナダ, Japan and China don’t know about the iPhone at all yet. But I guess the Amazon Germany price of 999Euro for the 8GB is probably going to be what you are looking at if you don’t want or can’t get a subsidized version from a service provider.

もちろん, Turbogadgets will keep you updated on all the latest price and other news regarding the iPhone!

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2 今のところコメント

  1. sam 12月 10, 2007 1:47 〜の上に

    how much are they in australia?
    iphones that is

  2. sam 12月 10, 2007 1:48 〜の上に

    haha and how long until they come out in australia/tasmania

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