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Marzo 16, 2007 by zac439 | 3 Commenti
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Emotiv Systems - Project Epoc

Emotiv Systems ha recentemente presentato una creazione rivoluzionaria alla Game Developers Conference a San Francisco. Questo nuovo gadget, soprannominata “Project Epoc”, può letteralmente prendere i comandi da voi- senza un controller.

Il nuovo prodotto può fare molte cose- gli oggetti si muovono in un mondo virtuale, Mostra le espressioni del viso, sulla base di umore, rispondere alle emozioni come la rabbia o la calma, e molto altro ancora, relazioni Randy Breen. Randy è il Chief Product Officer di Emotiv Systems, e ha presentato il prodotto deve essere facile come collegare un cavo USB, letteralmente. Il dispositivo può effettivamente collegare a qualsiasi cosa con una porta USB- console e PC allo stesso modo.

Ma come funziona?? The system takes information based on your brain’s electrical activity, e percorsi in un ricevitore, che lo decodifica e segue quindi le misure appropriate. Oddly, adults are having a harder time using it than children. The device works better for children, who believe more in imaginary things like telekenetics. Adults are less likely to believe in such things, and as a result have a mindset that it won’t happen. Così, there is a learning curve for most adults.

The company said that the system will be out in 2008, and has released a developer’s kit. They plan on making applications for much more than just Giochi, from security to medical fields, this new invention could be applied just about anywhere. Emotiv, founded in 2003, is based in Sydney, Australia. It was founded from a university project, and has grown since.

Many feel this is just the beginning. Further developments could take online gaming to a whole new level, and fully immerse the gamer in an experience of real life. These features are probably a few years off still, but eager gamers everywhere anticpate its release in 2008.

Emotiv Stonehenge Demo:
Immagine anteprima YouTube
[Product Page, via Crunch Gear]

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  1. Don Aprile 30, 2007 7:23 pm

    I want one

  2. Troup on May 3, 2007 5:10 pm

    I knew you were going to say that, Don.

  3. joris on July 26, 2011 1:54 su

    We’re 2011 Adesso … Don’t see it in the stores yet 🙂

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