Apple e Cisco Come Together.

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Dal momento che l'annuncio di Apple di Macworld 2007 per quanto riguarda l'iPhone di Apple, c'è stato molto calore tra Apple e proprietari originari del marchio iPhone ", Cisco. Cisco, prima idea di iPhone di Apple, è in funzione una linea di iPhone con il loro nome. Forse era la "i-" prefisso ossessione o mania del mondo su iPod, but Apple thought that it’d be great to go along and use the trademark “iPhone” without Cisco’s permission. Da allora, the quarrel between the two has been quite lively.

Apple Come to Consensus With Cisco

Through a press release, Apple has claimed that Cisco and Apple have come to a consensus regarding the iPhone trademark. Despite many anti Apple fans hoping that Apple will fail to use the iPhone trademark, or the Apple fan boys hoping to show off their new iPhones this year with the Apple logo rather than a Cisco logo, the two giants have actually come under an agreement where both companies will be free to use the “iPhone” trademark on their upcoming products globally. Both have also agreed to dismiss any pending legal actions regarding the trademark and through this “partnership”, Apple and Cisco have actually decided to explore opportunities where they will both be able to work cooperatively to meet the consumer’s demands and standards, along with security.

Being one of the few to never own an iPod and planning not to (woo hoo!), I was actually hoping that Apple will have to ditch the iPhone idea and go with a different name. Bene, Purtroppo, it seems like a more of a partnership was formed instead. But in this case, I feel that it’s definitely a good corollary to all the recent talks between the two companies, because forgetting all the iPhone stuff, a cooperative work between Cisco and Apple seems very positive for the future tech world. You never know what Cisco and Apple could possibly produce. A powerful newcomer along with a renowned veteran in the communication industry… It definitely is something to look out for.

[Apple Press Release]

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