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Febbraio 16, 2007 by Davidallen | 1 Come
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Abbiamo visto ben pochi di questi caricabatterie del telefono mobile di emergenza vanno e vengono, Eppure questo sembra essere più promettente degli altri, come piccolo, pulito e basta una singola batteria AA per alimentare lo, ma anche se la batteria è quasi alcun potere, you will still be able to charge you phone up by using one of the many adapters that come with it in the box. Which makes this ideal for when traveling, as it will give you up to two hours battery power depending on how you are using your phone.

mobile charger

To charge your phone, you need no mains connection, you simply slip your AA battery into the mobile charger, connect your phone using the matching connector for your phone, connect the other end to the charger, and that is it the phone should be charging now and will be indicated by the phones own icon.

The cost of this life saving device, is a mere £6 or $10 Stati Uniti.

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  1. litil on December 27, 2010 9:10 pm

    i want to Emergency mobile phone charger full infpormation

    di ricarica

    back up
    charge to mobile time
    min.purchasing quantity
    & india office address & contact no.

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