The HTC S710 on show

Febbraio 14, 2007 by Davidallen | Lascia un tuo commento
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Le fila dei telefoni cellulari sono stati aggiunti ancora una volta, this time by HFC and the S710 is the phone that they want you to use.

Il telefono viene fornito con il nuovo Windows Mobile 6.0 standard della piattaforma, che è più avanzata rispetto alla versione precedente, and therefore enables the use of business and other tools, making this mobile a better and easier tool to use for those purposes.


With the applications on this phone it is easy work to write and read email, browse the web, look at documents and PDF’s, and stay connected with windows live so your emails will arrive in the inbox because your phone can stay connected.

The phone comes with wireless technology so you are able to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which will give you the option to change to the better network of your choice. When connected you will be able to write your text via the full key board (qwerty fans love this) that slides out when needed.

If all that is not enough the S710 has a 2.0 mega pixel camera for taking pictures and video clips, and these can viewed on the now standard on mobile phones, 2.4 inch screen.

If I were to describe the phone in detail, it would take forever there are that many features to tell you about, this is due to be available on T Mobile and with A, T & T, as soon as they can get hold of enough them.

Product Page [HTC]

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