Menor contacto. Un Placer para Damas.

Febrero 28, 2007 por Static | 2 Comentarios
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Slightest TouchBueno, Para empezar, esto no puede ser la noticia más adecuado para los jóvenes que todavía existe! Pero dado que las turboGadgets con los gadgets demasiado cool, este es digno de un lugar entre nosotros. Menor contacto no es un masaje o un aparato eléctrico pérdida de peso. Infact, it does much more than what many people would like… Maybe a bit too much.

Slightest Touch is a gadget that can provide a woman “continuous stimulation to a woman’s sexual nerve pathways” by placing two thin electrodes in one’s ankles. The device is supposed to send little electrical impulses up your body to keep you in a peak mode. The manual says that drinking Gatorade is supposed to help maximize the pleasure.

Ahora, for those men out there. Does it work for you? Bien, according to the Slightest Touch forums, placing them on your knees or inner thighs is to have given some men pleasure, along with sticking the electrodes on one’s back.

The device seems to be an original idea indeed. It definitely is a concept, but at $139.95 EE.UU., we’re not too sure regarding the price to quality ratio…


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2 Comentarios hasta ahora

  1. Reg de mayo 11, 2011 11:27 pm

    Ordered the slightest touch unit in January 2011 and have not recieved item. Tried to contact company 6 e-mail messages and 4 phone recorded messages, yet no response. Today is May 11 2011. I would not ever promote this item. We even offered in a phone message for them to refund our money. This Texas based company is a scam. Please publish this comment.
    Reg Walker
    Winnipeg Canada

  2. frank on August 13, 2011 12:39 pm

    Have you heard back at all from that company that sells the “Menor contacto”? We were thinking of ordering but after reading your review now we’re skeptical.

    Also has anyone actually used it and what were the results or lack of?

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