'Enero Critical Patch Update' lanzado por Oracle

Enero 18, 2007 por techbuzz | Deja tu comentario
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Oracle On last week declared in its pre-announcement bulletin that it was going to release 52 los parches de seguridad para sus diferentes productos. Mantener a la pre-anuncio, Oracle lanzó 51 cambios que podría solucionar 51 defectos. Sin embargo, la detección de último momento de un error de Oracle para retener un parche. This new updates has been termed by the Company as ‘January Critical Patch Update’. This would really come as a great blow to the attackers of vulnerable systems which do not have a username or password.Out of the 51 new patches released, 26 are for the products of Oracle Database, while the rest are for ‘Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications’, ‘Oracle E-Business Suite’, ‘Oracle Applications Server’ etc. The patch which was withheld at the last moment could be released on April 17, when Oracle will come-up with their next security updates.

The new security patches were unveiled by Oracle on the basic of the feedback it got from its customers. Oracle’s security manager, Eric Maurice said that along with the security patches, they have come up with non-security patches also, which are required by the former.

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