La imitación de su pantalla del iPhone de Apple molesta

Enero 15, 2007 por techbuzz | 1 Cómo
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Apple desde hace tiempo se caracteriza por la defensa de su derecho de propiedad intelectual hasta el punto final. La compañía de Steve Jobs la semana pasada anunció su tan traída y llevada producto, El at CES. Sin embargo, que tomará unos cuantos meses más relieve este gadget saldrá a la venta. This wait has probably taken on the nerves of many, who have imitated its new iPhone screen. Treo, Windows Mobile or other have got almost the same features as that of Apple’s iPhone, and some of its users have borrowed the icons demonstrated by Apple in their sets.

Sin embargo, many others in the technological industry have accused Apple of being ‘notoriously litigious’. It’s no doubt a wrong move to steal Apple’s copyright icons. Being irritated by these acts, sent its legal team to crack severely on those involvedincluding bloggers and journalists. The grievance of many in this issue originated from the fact that Apple is also applying its legal sledgehammer against those people who are reporting such cases of sheer imitation.

apple iphone screen controversy

This act on the part of the lawyers representing Apple has irritated the media all over, for such kind of whimsical actions reads like no pictures of its iPhone could either be published in the newspapers or web without the prior permission of the Company. Insiders aired the view that such an irrational move on the part of Apple might create an obstacle on the path of the publicity of their new gadget. All those who praised Apple’s iPhone just last week at the annual Las-Vegas based The International Consumer Electronics Show (), were really at doldrums at this move by the company.

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