“Total de Hi Def” dual-format discs to be launched by mid-2007

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El choque de los titanes, que es, the war between two high-definition , backed by a led consortium and , whose group is led by . se ha calentado. Esta batalla prolongado ha llevado a muchos a postular que tanto los formatos que coexisten lado a lado.

Sin embargo, Kevin Tsujihara, President of the home entertainment group has got a different version of the story. Though he agreed that in many industries multiple formats co-exists and survives, yet he believes that “In an optimal world you would have one format.”

At the International Consumer Electronics Show this year, Warner Inicio Video announced the release of a dual format Blu Ray HD DVD, which is capable of holding movies in both the formats. Named” (THD), Warner Home Video was one of the few studios to support both formats. Sin embargo, as of now, the dual-format discs will be priced a bit high and Warner Home Video would start releasing content in Total HD format only sometime mid-2007.

dual format discs

Warner Bros., a division of Time Warner Inc. though is hopeful of other studious adopting the dual-format discs, yet majority are stubbornly struck to the old formats. Whatever may be the issue of the battle, it remains a matter of fact that either via the marketplace or a negotiated truce, one of the formats has to go away. Sin embargo, until and unless electronics companies comes up with more and more dual-format players this year, the the will fail to achieve its goal. Though it would shock both Blu-ray and HD DVD camp, yet it is only time which would give its final verdict on this conflict.

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