Apple TV: Eine Bewertung im Vergleich mit den geplanten Cisco TV

Februar 2, 2007 von techbuzz | Schreibe einen Kommentar
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Apple Tv

The Clash of the Titans, dh, the war between und has warmed up over the issue of . Jedoch, wenn die juristische Auseinandersetzung auf, Apple hat hielt sich damit beschäftigt in ihren Werken. This could be said on the basis of the fact that Apple has already announced the arrival of the Apple TV. Regarding it as a revolution and a cool gadget meant for extreme performance, Apple is heading with fast leaps to capture the visual market.

mit einem 40 GB hard drive, for storing content locally, the Apple Tv is capable of storing 50 hours of movies and Tv shows, 9000 songs and 25,000 Bilder. Its killer looks at the very first sight captivates one in its aura and compels the onlookers for going for it. As regards photo, it supports the following formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG.

It also supports a wide variety of audio formats, which include, AAC (16 to 320 Kbps); protected AAC (from iTunes Store); MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps); MP3 VBR; Apple Lossless; AIFF; WAV. Regarding Video formats, the Apple Tv supports H.264 and protected H.264 (from iTunes Store): 640 by 480, 30 fps, LC version of Baseline Profile; 320 by von0, 30 fpsFPSspan class ="tr_" id="tr_31" data-token="QmFzZWxpbmUgcHJvZmlsZSB1cCB0byBMZXZlbA,," data-source="">Baseline profile up to Level 1.3; 1280 by 720, 24 fps, Progressive Main Profile. MPEG-4: 640 by 480, 30 fps, Simple Profile. One can also view podcasts on the Apple Tv. Movie trailers can also be directly streamed from the

In the Apple box the following stuff will be available: Apple remote, power cord and quick start guide. Jedoch, the Apple Tv is incapable of playing play standard DivX files. Though third party convertors are available for this purpose, but this process would involve a lot of time. The DivX files are important because most of the downloaded movies and television serials contains Div format. Now in this regard it could be said that there are many such products in the market which directly supports DivX format.

It is also being heard that Cisco is developing a similar product to that of Apple, which is believed to be embalmed with many other cool features. Perhaps the controversy of iPhone between these two major players will also be reflected in manufacturing hi quality television. It would only be a wait and watch to discern the fact that who emerges as the leader in the world of television. Priced at $299, the Apple Tv is expected to turn out to be a pride for its owners.

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