Tiny Chips-Technologie schneller und kleiner

Januar 29, 2007 von davidallen | Schreibe einen Kommentar
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Seit einiger Zeit haben wir gefragt, ob und wann die Technologie-Sektor würde die brennende Frage, die in vielen unserer Köpfe neuerdings Antwort. Wie weit und wie klein die Technologie, die wir den Einsatz auf einer täglichen Basis, wie z. B. Mobiltelefone, Computer, PDA’s and other items that require “Chips” in order to bring the whole thing together?

Well it has been a long and frustrating wait but we now have an answer of sorts. After years of research and development, lead by with their partners , Toshiba and AMD, it is believed that they have developed a tiny processor or “Transistor Switch” which is the basis of the new smaller technology, this switches on and off, Also, was? But the simple on and off movement is the basis of any chip and now they are able to produce them much smaller than before.


This technology when it becomes readily available will transform technology as we know it, as more and more day to day items that we use in business and in the home now rely on mini computers to run and function properly.

The production of these transistors will enable the manufacturers of mobile communications to produce smaller, yet more powerful phones, this will revolutionize the marketplace as there will be so much more that these phones can do, that there will be a crossover between mobile communications and computers, meaning that there will be a point where some people will not need both, they will either be happy to use a new more powerful phone, rather than a laptop or PC and visa versa.


Intel is also working on this idea, they are looking to increase the amount of transistors that can be placed onto a piece of silicon, which will increase the amount of work that the chip is able to do. Intel have already created advanced computer chips, when they introduced the duel core, but they have come a long way since then with the development of even more powerful processors, they have plans to produce up to fifteen processors, which will be gradually brought in over the next decade or so.

so, after all the talk about where technology is going and has it reached its limit, the answer is no, we can look forward to seeing more powerful yet smaller products being launched by all the major electrical manufacturing sectors.

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