Seagate enthüllt weltweit schnellste Festplatte

Januar 17, 2007 von techbuzz | Schreibe einen Kommentar
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Die "Welt am schnellsten Festplatte" als claimed was unveiled by the company on January 16. der 15,000 RPM SAS hard drive is ideal for the small systems as it takes much smaller space. Seagate has already carved a niche for itself in manufacturing and marketing hi-tech hard disc drives. The drives which are expected to come to the markets very soon also consume 30% less power than other such drive with less RPM.

Savvio 15K

The server market mainly uses 3.5 inch hard drives whereas this new innovation by Seagate will be much faster and will be of 2.5 inch in size. This fastest hard drive has been named as 15K. Gamers especially will derive much benefit from it as it is claimed to be super fast in its performance. HP is the first Company who will equip its systems with 15k drives.

Sherman Black, senior vice president and general manager of Seagate claimed that their new Savvio 15K drives are ideal for new age storing systems. With its wide arena of enterprise applications, this small giant is seen by insiders as a real revolution wherein it is possible to put in a full array of .

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