Man entwickelt sich, wie Halo-Kampfanzug

Januar 16, 2007 von poeloq | 2 Kommentare
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Halo-like military suitDie Spieler werden nicht nur schwer erkennen, die Farbe auf der linken Seite – Natürlich sieht es aus wie etwas aus dem Computerspiel Halo. Troy Hurtubise, eine lokal bekannte Erfinder von Hamilton (Kanada), has spent two years and $15,000 of his own money developing this and claims that is has been tested in ballistic testand withheld bullets from several weapon typesand is willing to participate in live test with him wearing the suit. He hopes that he will create enough publicity to start talks with police forces and the military, as he claims the suit is able to be produced for around $2000 in mass production. If this really works he might have revolutionized military uniforms.

He says that he drew inspiration from Star Wars, RoboCop, Batman and . Some of the features are that it is completely bulletproof by usinghigh-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam”, it has pockets for emergency morphine and salt as well as a flashlight. And don’t forget the emergency transponder

This is a piece of amazing gear, sadly for military purposes.
I would love to see this kind of person using there genius for inventing stuff to protect mankind and not just soldiers.

Halo-like military suit

[von: Hamilton Spectator, via Gizmodo; right picture by ChatOmbre ]

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    […] Wir berichteten über die Robocop-like Kampfanzug: Nun ist die Erfinder, Canadian Troy Hurbtubise, Versteigerung ist es ab, weil er verbrachte sein ganzes Geld auf den Aufbau dieser Anzug und steht vor Zwangsräumung. […]

  2. ronald Dezember 16, 2008 8:24 pm

    That suit is too bulky. It will take like an hour to remove. And in barb wire it will get stuck. Branches and other stuff will get stuck in those shoes and you will fall. The designer did not thought about that. Armor should be light and flexible.

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