April 12, 2007

Sony show off the OLED 11 inch screen TV

sony oled

Sony appear to upping their game these days, it was not that long ago when to mention the name Sony was normally follwed by a laugh or two, but it has to be said that recently they have been coming out with some really cool stuff and the OLED TV’s are no exception, due to go into production very soon the organic light emitting diode televisions are likely to set the TV marketplace alight, not literly of course we do not really want to bring up the subject of batteries now do we?

The OLED TV’s have designs for the normal selection of sizes, yet it will be the eleven inch screen version that will be the launch pad for this technology.

sony oled tv

The profile shot shows just how slim this OLED TV is, and it also looks fragile which could be a bit of downside to these televisions, because despite how good they look and how fantastically clear and bright the picture is, what happens when the cat walks behind the TV, brushes up against it and the TV falls over onto the screen? Maybe I am just paranoid.

Some features of the OLED system:

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