February 1, 2007

Zune Going Bad After Three Months?


It seems as if has been getting a lot of support calls lately—although that was expected; except regarding the Zune cracking. The Zune, with a massive 3 inch screen and a sturdy nearly scratch-less case have been praised for its robustness. But it seems like the screen isn’t doing too well, three months into the hands of the consumers. The lithium ion battery—located right behind the top half of the screen—seems to be expanding due to the immense heat and is cracking the screen with its pressure. Definitely an issue that was not brought up at the beginning weeks after the Zune’s launch back in November 14, 2006, but to make things worse, Microsoft seems like they won’t be covering this issue under their warranty by claiming it as an outside the warranty problem. Too late to return the product for these victims. Considering the internal structure of the , the possibility of such cracking of the screen simply cannot be ignored. But of course, these recent reports could be from a few Zune droppers. If you’re actually experiencing this problem or seem as if you may experience it after charging your Zune up for a few hours, please let us know, so we can validate this news.

[via Engadget]

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