January 31, 2007

The top of the range mouse for gaming purposes

We all know that gamers who play online games are not just people who play games, these guys are serious computer hardware buyers, they have very sophisticated computer systems along with an array of peripherals that make playing games and being a winner, all so much easier.

Fanatec Head Shot Controller

For the gamer who has everything and yet still craves to seek out that little bit of extra assistance or just because they want to, then the Fanatec Head Shot Controller is thing that these guys will want, for this is no ordinary mouse.

Without a doubt the Fanatec Head Shot Controller is the top of the range , it comes with its own base, which is the part that actually plugs into the computer and the mouse which has all the components that you would expect from a device like this, plug into the base. It is then that the mouse comes alive, the six buttons and five way control screen give the operator complete control, and is molded from rubber which gives the operator a non slip grip, which of course is absolutely essential for that game winning combination.

Fanatec MouseThe base and the mouse come with some fancy lighting effects which are just going to impress everyone who happens to get the chance to see it in operation, the lights are displayed from a bar that bends across the base unit to which the mouse cable is attached and the mouse itself is lit with the same green, blue and red lights.

With a price tag os around $99, this is note your average mouse, but then again the average computing user would probably not even consider to use this anyhow, but a die hard is a different sort of computer user and will see this mouse as a key piece of equipment.

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